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Libero setting: The setter board & the two shoot. Dani Busboom Kelly, Head Coach at the University of Louisville, has a special tool for her liberos and defenders: what she calls a "setter board." Set the board up in the right back position, where the setter would normally be releasing from. One player or coach hits driven balls at the board.

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4’ x 4’ plywood (7/16” or 1/2” thick)2” x 4” lumber (11 pieces, all 4’ or less)1” x 6” lumber (3 pieces, all 4’ or less, use for bottom pieces and back brace)

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A three ball is placed about 3 feet above the net. A middle hitter may run a 32 which means the ball is placed about 3 feet from the setter then about 2 feet above the net. The middle hitter may also run a 31. This is a common quick set for a middle.

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the setter from getting in a good stopped position to set the ball. This is why it’s essential for the setter to be able to set while moving or while off-balance. Leadership Have a Consistent Work Ethic The setter is the leader and must know everything. Great leaders work hard, compete, and want what's best for the team.

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Most teams run their offense with the setter positioned in the front row, about one-third of the way along the net from the right antenna. From this position, she is able to set two hitters (the outside and the middle) a ball that is traveling right to left.

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3) Find the setter. 4) Find the middle and figure out what pattern they are running. 5) Find the setter again. 6) After the ball is released from the setter find the hitter. If you enjoyed these tips and would like to keep it close to you at any time, just save this pin to your Pinterest Volleyball Training Board.

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Training Aids for recreational and competitive Volleyball use. 1-800-494-3933. Account. My Cart. Logout. My Account ... Setter Targ IT. $169.95 $149.95. Compare Add ...

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The ball is constantly being displaced, work is constantly being done. The equation that defines work is: W=Fd. An angle between the force and the direction of displacement makes the equation. Kinetic and Potential energy-Total work done to accelerate the volleyball from rest to speed, is equal to the amount of kinetic energy it undergoes. The energy of the motion of the ball is dependent on its speed and mass.

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2. 4ft x 8ft x 18in. We made these out of 1/2" or 3/4" plywood untreated for the box sides, tops and bottoms. We cut "handles" out of one of the sides and. sanded them off. We then put four rolling castors on the opposite side of the handles for ease of moving.