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Site Builder - Getting Started – Play-Cricket

The Play-Cricket Site Builder is the place to visit when making changes to the site’s content. When you select Site Builder, you will see a representation of your site’s Home page by default. The exception to this is when you have enabled the home page template, in this case you need to select a site built page for the options to come up

Site Builder – Play-Cricket

Site Builder - Getting Started. The Navigation Bar. Site Builder Sub-menu Links. Changing the display order of widgets on a mobile phone. How to add a Twitter feed (new widget) Add Image. Add A Header Image. Create A 'Welcome' Message. Live Score Widgets for Third Party Sites.

Site Management - Site Builder – Play-Cricket

Site Builder. This is the option that allows an administrator to change the look and feel of their public Play-Cricket site using colour, widgets, images, adverts and additional content. There are documents in the Help Guides to help with Site Builder. The document in the ‘Getting Started’ topic is an introduction to using the facility.

Site Builder Sub-menu Links – Play-Cricket

Site Builder Sub-menu Links Follow The navigation bar that allows users to find different pages on your site has a limited number of slots available. Your pages can be organised into groups under headings of Junior Cricket, Teams etc.



Add Image – Play-Cricket

Having copied the photo’s address to your PC’s clipboard, return to Site Builder>Widgets and select the HTML widget. Click on the image icon. Paste the address from the clipboard into the Image Address box. Click Insert Image. If you want to add text beneath the image, it needs to be in place before the image is inserted.