DXD-280 Multi-function Pillow Type Packaging Machine
DXD-280 multi-function pillow type basketball wives vh1 cast machine adopts bottom paper feeding system and suitable for packing product
DXD-300 Multi-function Pillow Type Packaging Machine
Our company has over three decades of experience in the development and production of pillow type basketball wives vh1 cast machine,whic
Horizontal Type Chocolate Packing Machine (DXD-660)
The Production Flow of horizontal chocolate flow wrapping machine is Products Production Line,Tiding , Conveying,Arrangi
Multi-function Flow Packaging Machine (DXD-580)
Multi-function Flow Packaging Machine is an improved packer of full computer control and high precision, which is suitab
All-servo System Flow Type Packing Machine (DXD-380C)
Horizontal pillow type biscuit packing machine is suit for packing the biscuit, moon cake, cake, bread, fast food noodle
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